Gaming The System

A film by Luc Hermann and Claire Lasko, written by Luc Hermann, Claire Lasko and Insaf Maadad
First broadcast september 15th, 2020 on ARTE

Big pharma is big business. Richer and more powerful than ever, Big Pharma has influence at the heart of the economy and politics. This film investigates the lobbying practices of the lucrative pharmaceutical industry which can alone decide on government health policies, possibly to the detriment of our health. This global and complex survey collects testimonies from patient suffering from the side effects of allowed dangerous drugs, including hospitalizations and life-threatening disability, and who are engaged in difficult legal battles against companies.

The ambition : to pierce the dark zones of the paradigm which compromises the longevity of our Public Health systems, in which the regulation in Europe and in the USA has became dysfunctional. You will never look at your medicine cabinet in the same way.