Directed by award winning investigative reporters Paul Moreira and Luc Hermann, Premieres Lignes makes provocative, thoughtful programmes that challenge viewers to reconsider what they know, lifting the veil of secrecy on events and issues that often live in shadows, and deciphering the double speak of political and corporate spin.

Paul Moreira and Luc Hermann directed together the investigative programme “90 Minutes” on French network Canal+.  Covering international controversies, wars and conflicts, multinational corporations, health stories, as well as national political stories, the programme spearheaded the emergence of a new investigative journalism in France.

Strongly dedicated to their mission of public interest and their role as democracy watchdogs, they launch in 2004 the “Liberté d’informer” campaign gathering journalists, parliament, law and civil society representatives in order to advocate a French Freedom of Information Act.

In 2006, they found Premieres Lignes. In less than five years, the independent press agency managed to gather senior reporters and directors, experienced cameramen and video editors. Their common ambition is to produce creative and pioneer narratives, constantly renewing the reporting of true stories. The agency also attracts young talents who grow along with it. Sharing the same work ethics, senior and junior members of the team exchange ideas and know-how to best serve their stated goals.

In 2011, journalist and film maker Laurent Richard joins the agency and initiates the “Underhand tactics” series (“CASH Investigation” in French) broadcasted on France 2 (French main public channel). Boldly mixing humor and rigorous fact-checking, these investigations quickly broke audience records in France. A promising and longed-for new season has just started in September 2015. Premieres Lignes’ edifying investigations are now aired on a weekly basis.

Premieres Lignes is a reporting partner of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) and has initiated or contributed to major breaking news inquiries such as #LuxLeaks and #SwissLeaks .

Based on a global approach, Premieres Lignes’ documentaries, investigations and magazines are widely awarded in many prestigious international festivals and often exported through its main international distributor Java Films.

Premières Lignes partner broadcasters include: Canal+ (France), France Télévisions (France 2, France 3, France 5, France 4), Arte (France / Germany), BBC 1 (Panorama programme) (UK), Discovery Networks (USA), RTBF (Belgium), TSR (Switzerland), RTL (Germany), Télé Québec (Canada), ABC, SBS (Australia)…