Should the euro be saved ?

An enquiry by Jean-Louis Perez
Broadcast January 7, 2012 on ARTE

After ten years the euro, it has to be said, has not lived up to its promises.
Throughout the euro zone, mistrust towards the single currency is steadily increasing. Today many Europeans have grown to dislike the euro, disapproving the authorities’ decisions and policies. They accuse the euro of having pushed up prices and undermined purchasing power.
Europe is going through the worst economic crisis in its history. While the Greek people undergo their third austerity plan, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are determined to save the single currency. Leaders of big businesses also argue in favor of the euro.
We travelled across Europe and across the different views on the euro currency. We met many business leaders in Germany and France, citizen activists and prominent economists, some of whom are already predicting the demise of the euro. We make a stopover in England, a country that for 10 years has refused to adopt the European currency; there, bets are made in pound sterling on the euro, or more accurately, on its disappearance…