Mossad: Killers of the State

A film by Laurent Richard and Jean-Baptiste Renaud
First broadcast October 9, 2013 on Canal+

Mossad’s Kidon unit has none but one objective: to kill the enemies of Israel. Active all over the world, this unit of 50 elite agents obeys only one man: the Israeli Prime Minister.

What are their assassination techniques? How do they choose their targets? How do they operate in Iran, Jordan and Europe? Did they poison Yasser Arafat? And what are the diplomatic consequences of their actions?

Starting with the notorious Dubai operation in February 2010, when Hamas functionary Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was neutralised, we examine several killings involving Kidon agents: Abu Jihad, Arafat’s lieutenant, assassinated in his Tunis villa in 1988; Hamas executive Khaled Mechal poisonned in Amman in 1998; Al Mabrough, Hamas’ weapons supplier in Gaza, eliminated in his Dubai hotel room in 2010.

The story of these three secret operations told from the insisde by former Mossad and Kidon agents who were personally involved. As well as Hamas members who have been hunted by Kidon, western diplomats and Israeli intelligence experts.

Sometimes, the truth does exceed fiction.