The Paradise Papers: Inside an International Scandal

A film by Edouard Perrin and Solène Patron
First broadcast november, 2017 on France 2

An 8 month long international investigation exposed the Paradise Papers. With 13.5 million documents, it’s the biggest leak in history. The majority come from one of the biggest names in the offshore world: the Bermuda-based Appleby law firm.

Along with 400 journalists from around the world, we dissected the packages prepared for Appleby’s clients, who are either wealthy individuals or multinationals.

Journalists Edouard Perrin and Solène Patron reveal the basics of business aviation and how to own a private jet without paying VAT, thanks to shell companies established on the Isle of Man.

One of Appleby’s biggest customers is Glencore, the highly secretive raw materials empire. Thanks to unpublished documents, we expose how the group got its hands on the most beautiful copper and cobalt mines in the world with the help of a sulfur partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo.