Someone should have heard the screams…

A documentary by Paul MOREIRA
Broadcast December 13, 2010 on Canal +

In 2010, the scandal burst. For the first time ever, the Catholic Church had to acknowledge that thousands of cases of child abuse had occurred within the institution. The scandal – an obsessive fear for the Church – is not about to fade away. The Catholic Church authorities covered up pedophile priests. Members of the Church have hidden, exfiltrated and helped some of those priests to escape justice. A victim defense group lighted the fire. They act as political activists: they are very well organized and very efficient. After they had the American Church on the verge of bankrupcy, they are coming to Europe. Scandal is their weapon. And some of their lawyers’ dream is to take Benedict XVI to court. As an accomplice to crime. What was the actual role of Vatican when faced with denunciation of pedophile crimes? John-Paul II yesterday, Benedict XVI today, did they try to bring some change, to establish a zero tolerance policy? Paul Moreira investigated both ont the visible and the hidden. He managed to go behind the scene with the activists who are fighting against the silence of Catholic Church, to meet pedophile priests but he also managed to investigate in the heart of the Vatican, nearby the Catholic authorities. Some of his findings are rather unexpected and go against common beliefs. One thing is for sure though : for the Catholic Church, the fires of Hell are burning here and now.