Underhand Tactics:

A film by Sandrine Rigaud with Guillaume Coudray
First broadcast September 13, 2016 on France 2

In France, the agrifood industry reaps a dizzying profit of 170 billion euros per year. This sector is exceedingly powerful; strong in both its networks and influence.

But how come ham is pink? Why do we believe that it is good for our children? Why are product labels beyond understanding? From Brittany to Denmark, through California and Wisconsin, film director Sandrine Rigaud conducts a year-long investigation. She travels by plane, car and even caddy to try and understand how these industrial giants are able to stall and orientate policy decisions that directly affect public health.

In fighting against obesity, the French government hopes to simplify product labels, making them easier to understand for everyone. Sandrine Rigaud and her team reveal the measures the industry is taking to prevent this from happening. This conflict is happening all over the world, and no tactics seem too extreme. The industry targets politicians and researchers alike, not hesitating to even bribe scientists in an effort to protect their interests. When money is not good enough an incentive, they adopt a more brutal approach. Manipulated and discredited, both French and American  researchers have ended up victims of this industry. Their crime: monitoring studies that underline the health risks of a particular product for the consumer.


This film reveals the truths behind the unspoken ingredients that these food giants are determined to keep in their recipes.