When China Relocates To Europe...

A film by Magali Serre
First broadcast September 25, 2012

For a long time, China forged itself a role of sub-contractor, attracting multinationals from across the globe. As in the United States and in Europe, companies laid off massively, their relocation to China enabled them to make huge profits thanks to a cheap workforce. These multinationals’ practices taught the Chinese a lot. Today, with the power of 2,800 billion euros in foreign currencies, China is ready to launch its own conquest of Europe. To rescue it from the disastrous financial crisis. Large Chinese groups are buying more and more crippled companies and acquiring for derisory sums technologies that until now had been inaccessible. They are winning public tenders and raising concern among their new employees, the European workers. After Africa, has Europe become China’s new El Dorado? The global economy is swinging in a new direction, but at what price and what social cost? This investigation travels through Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy, France and China to figure it out.