Journey through an Invisible War

A film by Paul Moreira
Broadcast in november 2013

There is an invisible war going on in the West Bank. Theocratic Israeli settlers are waging a daily war on their Palestinian neighbors. They harass them, attack their houses, destroy their olive trees, move their livestock. They do all they can to turn their life into a nightmare.

How come all these ever more numerous videos had no echo in traditional media? This investigation reveals what’s behind this low intensity war. We travel across Palestinian territories, where a future State is meant to be founded. And make several interesting discoveries.

After years of violent martyrdom resistance, a new generation of Palestinians has undertaken a new strategy. They decided to fight back with video cameras rather than guns. They record all daily incidents with settlers and post their videos online to show the whole world what is going on.

But what does it mean for the possibility of peace? Like the Palestinian territories, it seems to be frittered away by these under-hyped incursions, perpetrated every day by Israeli settlers.

As the resistance shifted from blood-shedding violence to awareness campaigning, peace keeps being pushed farther out.

An in-depth and eye-opening investigation into this invisible war.


This investigation is also available in 85′ version under the title “Last Stop Palestine”