They are killing our planet. 

They are wanted for poaching, industrial pollution, carbon scams, trade of protected species, illegal fishing, prohibited logging or ivory trafficking etc. 

Police officers, judges, prosecutors, international intelligence agencies, Interpol, the EPA, whole countries even are hunting them down. Huge rewards are offered for their capture. And yet, they’re still on the run. 

Planet Killers d​ocumentaries ​are ​going for a search of these fugitives, by telling of their hunt by the authorities, by investigating their international network or their customers and of course by describing the consequences on the planet. 

These planet killers tell the ecocides of our world. Their crimes generate 300 billion euros in profits. Money laundering, corruption, financial fraud, violence and murder: they are all associated with environmental crime. 

A Brazilian accused of deforestation, a Kenyan wanted for poaching, an Italian trafficker dealing with nuclear waste, a French condemned for industrial pollution scam: these are just four examples out of a dozen of the world’s most wanted environmental criminals. 

One criminal. One environmental outrage. One hunt. One episode.