South Africa - The Post-Apartheid Generation

A film by Stéphanie Lamorré
December 2014 on Arte France and Germany

A powerfull investigative documentary on the social and political crisis in South Africa, following the paths of five young people belonging to the post-Apartheid generation, who hope to bring multiple changes to their country.

What has become of Nelson Mandela’s dream of a democratic and multi-racial South Africa? Shortly after Madiba’s death in December, 2013, Stephanie Lamorré portrays several youngsters and their political involvement. For some, Nelson Mandela is a long gone memory, for others he is an inspiring hero. But all aspire to freedom and democracy, as they are about to vote for the first time in May 2014 to elect their next president.

This documentary examines South Africa’s new issues, via the portrait of these six young South Africans, four of them representing the “born free generation”: intense economic inequality, severe social tension and community withdrawal.

The election granted a new mandate to Jacob Zuma, despite numerous corruption scandals. With 62% of votes, Mandela’s ANC party lost about 10% of its voters in Johannesburg province. The Democratic Alliance (DA), main opposition party, maintained itself and kept hold of the Western Cape. The new populist rather anti-white party the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) didn’t get the results it expected but won 25 seats in Parliament and becomes South Africa’s third political party. It scored best in the North West region where 34 Marikana’s striking minors got shot by the police in 2012. The much awaited “born-free” participation to the election was actually rather weak, around one third.